How Zona Plus works

How Zona Plus works – a view from the inside

Zona Plus is a high-tech isometric exercise medical devise that lowers blood pressure without the intervention of drugs through regular use over a period of a few months.

An overview of the isometric hand-grip exercise for lowering blood pressure

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Background development of Zona Plus

zona plus worksTo understand how Zona Plus works it help to know its background. The theories on which Zona Plus works were developed in training test pilots for the air force. Pilots were strapped into a device that creates centrifugal force. Their blood pressure, among other things, were monitored as they were being spun around up to 9G’s of force.

The training involved the pilots performing isometric hand grip exercises (gripping something very firmly) while being spun. What was noticed was that some of the pilots who were pre-hypertensive experienced a drop in their blood pressure after this intense training regime. A connection between isometrics and lower blood pressure was suspected and investigated.

After considerable research and testing it was discovered that there isometric exercises, performed over a specific intensity and duration, did indeed lead to normalizing blood pressure. What started as an accidental find lead to one of the most significant breakthroughs in medical science dealing with the problem of hypertension.

The first isometric exercise machine developed in the 1980’s was the size of a table with various springs, coils and levers. By the 1990’s the machine was finely tuned and positive results were recorded.

It wasn’t until the 2000’s that there was an attempt to produce isometric exercises machines specifically designed for lowering blood pressure that could be purchased and used by the general public. It was out of this background of research and development that Steve Wood CEO of Zona Plus worked with designers to create and make available the most sophisticated and leading isometric devise on the market.

Zona Plus techniques

Zona Plus works by both measuring isometric grip strength and duration along with employing a specific pattern repeated daily for a set number of weeks.

The principle is based on the fact that different types of exercise and muscle activation produces different results. Zona Plus works with those exercise patterns that maximize the benefit for your blood pressure.

Normal isometric exercises will lower systolic blood pressure by only a few points, which is good, but not a life saver. Zona Plus works with a specific pattern of exercise that maximizes isometric exercise. The results are profound with significant drops in blood pressure being recorded over 6 to 8 weeks.

These specific exercises only take up 8 minutes of squeezing a day but have shown to drop blood pressure by an average of 10% (or 15 to 20 systolic point drop). Part of the secret of how Zona Plus works more effectively than just doing isometric exercises with a plain old squeeze ball is the fact that the pressure and duration is measured. The Zona Plus display will guide the user to exert the correct pressure for the specified time. This insures consistency, effectiveness and results.

If you are using Zona Plus and its exercise regime, it is important not to give up too early. Often the first few weeks show no improvement in blood pressure and it is tempting for some to just quit believing that Zona Plus does not work, at least for them. However, many case studies have shown that the effects of these regulated and measured isometric exercises only shows up after 5 to 6 weeks. The drop in blood pressure is then often fast and noticeable.

Zona Plus computer program

The Zona Plus device works like a little computer is it own right. It first calibrates itself to you personal hand grip strength. It then helps you achieve proper strength, consistency and duration of each exercise. It then collates the data received from each exercise to show progress over time.

In accordance with the exercises, blood pressure data can be added into a program you run on a computer. This allows you to track not only the Zona Plus hand grip exercises bu the corresponding decline in your blood pressure.

How it works: After you order Zona Plus you can register with their website with your computer. Their online program will track your progress so you can log on and see your progress.

Zona Plus discount

Zona Plus, now in it Series 3 version, is not some cheap throw-away gimmick. As you can see from above, it is a complex exercise and recording device that is initially modified to suit your personal situation and ability.

It is essentially a mini hand held computer that guides you to specific exercises designed to significantly lower and normalize your blood pressure without the intervention of drugs.

So sure of their product, Zona Plus offers a 90 day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. If you use this device as prescribed and don’t see a remarkable improvement in your blood pressure within 90 days, simply return it. Either Zona Plus works for you or your investment is refunded.

This makes Zona Plus a no-risk investment. Better still, if you use the link below, you will get an additional $50 taken off the list price. This reduction will appear when you go through check.

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