Zona Plus discount

Update: The Zona Plus $50 off discount coupon has been discontinued

Part 2 of the isometric hand-grip exercises to lower blood pressure. To see the 3rd and final video looking at the results of using isometric exercises to lower blood pressure click here.

The instruction below no longer work due to discontinuation of the $50 off coupon code since 8 December 2019.

To get the $50 off Zona Plus discount follow the simple instructions below:

When you click on the Zona Plus discount link (down below) you go to the Zona Plus website home page (the home page will open in a new tab or window so that you can still see these instructions)

On the Zona Plus home page, click the BUY NOW button:zona plus homepage


You will then be taken to the checkout page.
It will show the full price of $599.
Ignore this and click CHECKOUT:

zona plus checkout



You will then be taken to the order page.
Notice that the $50 discount has been applied.

Enter your payment and shipping details:zona plus discount


NOTE:  The 100% money-back guarantee still applies when using this Zona Plus discount. (If the Zona Plus device fails to lower your blood pressure after you’ve tried it following the instructions, you can return it within 90 days and get your money back.)

Update: The Zona Plus discount coupon has been discontinued

Click on the link below to see other hand grip blood pressure lowering devices for a fraction of the price of Zona Plus

Isometric hand grip blood pressure lowering devices for $30 or less

Why we can no longer recommend the Zona Plus hand grip exerciser

It has come to our knowledge that there are financial improprieties with company behind the Zona Plus hand grip exerciser. Despite providing a cast-iron guarantee of a refund if the Zona Plus proves to be unsatisfactory, the are an ever growing number of reports claiming severe difficulty in communicating with the company and extracting a refund – if successful at all.

In short, the team behind Zona plus are not honouring their commitments. On that basis we do not recommend purchasing Zona Plus.

People have also remarked about the excessively high price of this relatively simple device. In one correspondence an official at Zona Plus explained the price being set at “as much as the market would bear”. In other words, the price of Zona Plus does not reflect its actual value, but is based on the maximum they think they can persuade people to pay.

If only on this basis alone , if you are keen to see if hand grip exercises can reduce your blood pressure, we would recommend you purchase the CAMRY Digital Hand Dynamometer for under $50. This hand grip exerciser provides almost the same service but is closer to its actual value.