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Zona Plus cost

The Zona Plus series 3 (the latest and best version) can be purchased for $599. Use the Zona Plus coupon listed above to reduce the purchase price to $549.

Remember, if you are not satisfied with the results you achieve with this hypertension relief device you are covered by a 90 day money-back guarantee. Simply send the Zona Plus hand held unit back for a full refund.

If you are experiencing any difficulties is using the Zona Plus version 3 the company offers 24/7 support for all customers.

Zona Plus lowers blood pressure using isometric exercises

To see the results of of this experiment in isometric exercises click here.

To check out the device featured in the video click here: CAMRY Digital Hand Dynamometer

More on the Zona plus version of isometric hand-grip exerciser

Zona Plus is a revolutionary devise that can lower your blood pressure without drugs.Zona Plus guides and measures users in a series of co-ordinated isometric hand grip exercises designed specifically to normalize blood pressure over time.

Building on research undertaken by the US Air Force, the Zona Plus computer-controlled hand grip exerciser was developed to reduce hypertension without the use of drugs or special diets.

The success of this devise has propelled it into the limelight and there are now over 10,000 users of this with the vast majority achieving lower blood pressure solely through using this devise.

Unlike blood pressure lowering drugs, using Zona Plus has no negative side effects associated with it. You can use Zona Plus to lower your blood pressure without worrying about it impacting negatively on other aspects of your health.

For more information see: How Zona Plus works.

Using the Zona Plus hypertension relief devise

Used correctly, the Zona Plus hypertension relief devise can lower you blood pressure by 10 points systolic within a few weeks.

Using the Zona Plus takes approximately 12 minutes every day. By using the Zona Plus daily you cn track your progress and the speed with which you blood pressure lowers and normalizes.

Many people see dramatic and positive results within the first week. For other it can take up to 12 weeks to see a positive return.

Does the Zona Plus version 3 have FDA approval?

Zona Plus is a type of devise that does not usually receive FDA approval or disapproval simply because it is an exercise devise without any potential negative side effects.

However the FDA has shown interest in this safe method to lower blood pressure and it has been placed on the Agency’s active list of cleared, but yet to be approved, list.

Many doctors who have become familiarized with the Zona Plus and have witnessed its effects in lowering blood pressure without drugs are happy to encourage its use with their patients.

How often do I need to use the Zona Plus to achieve lower blood pressure?

The recommended use of Zona Plus is 12 minutes a day for 5 days a week. This has shown to be an optimal schedule for normalizing blood pressure.

You can of course do Zona Plus exercises more frequently without adverse effects, but the recommended schedule is all that is required.

Positive effects from following this schedule are apparent for most people after 4 weeks of use. It is important to use for a minimum of 12 weeks for the best results to appear.

To see how others have experienced using Zona Plus version 3 see: Zona Plus user reviews.


Zona Plus User Reviews

Zona Plus User Reviews

With a 90%+ success rate, Zona plus user reviews tend to be very positive often singing the praises of this nifty little blood pressure lowering device.

First an overview of the Zona Plus device and technique. We then wrap a number of user reviews on using the Zona Pus.

What is Zona Plus?

Zona Plus hypertension relief device is a unique hand gripping tool designed specifically to help people lower and normalize their blood pressure.

Designed and developed by Steve Woods, a Zona Plus device is like owning a mini computer in your hands. It is programmed to gauge hand grip strengths suited specifically to you, the user.

Once this device has been calibrated to your needs, it then allows you to perform hand grip isometric exercises daily. These exercises, when done correctly, have been shown to significantly reduce hypertension without the use of blood pressure pills, special diets, or rigorous exercise.

The exercises are performed for 12 minutes daily. After a couple of weeks most users will experience a drop in their blood pressure.

Below we post some of the Zona plus series 3 user reviews. Zona Plus version 3 is the latest and greatest Zona Plus hand grip model. As always it comes with a 90 day money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the results.

This guarantee takes all the risk of the user. It also indicates that Zona Plus stands behind its product.

Zona Plus remains a popular method of lowering blood pressure naturally. Zona Plus is a method that is clinically proven and scientifically based.

Unlike blood pressure medications, Zona Plus comes without dangerous side effects.

There are a number of Zona Plus isometric handgrip alternatives that may save you money but does not provide the exact measurements and guidance needed to combat hypertension successfully.

Zona Plus – How it works

When you first use a Zona Plus it will prompt you to give it a short but firm grip with each hand. This calibrates the device for daily exercises suited to you and you only.

Used daily, Zona Plus has proven to lower blood pressure for over 90% of users.

In effect, Zona Plus is helping your own body fix itself. It does this by leading you through a series of squeezes at a measured and defined strength and duration.

Maintaining the correct pressure for the right amount of time is easy with Zona Plus. The display on top of the device will let you know when you’ve got it right – and when you’ve got it wrong.

This device will store you results for past sessions so you can view your progress. When you register your Zona Plus on line you can view your positive results including your blood pressure decreasing over time.

Zona Plus User Reviews – In their own words:

zona plus user reviews

Zona Works for me

“This has worked well for me. Over the past 6 months my blood pressure has decreased. I use the Zona every day. My bottom number has dropped from 80 to 70 average and the top down from 150 to 130. At my age of 70 these are good numbers. No more pills.”

Wonderful device

“I monitor my BP daily for over 2 years. After using the Zona Plus for 13 days, my systolic BP dropped from a mean of 128 and a range of 124-150 to 119, a level I never previously approached. Most recent systolic BP was 107. My antihpertensive medications are being tapered. I was pleasantly surprised by my otherwise unanticipated resonse to this simple modality of physical and nonpharmaceutical therapy. I cannot say whether my positive response is peculiar to me, but am glad I tried Zona Plus and would both suspect and hope that others would also benefit from this device.” Norman Sohn, MD


“I bought this for my Mother who was struggling with high blood pressure and was resistant to going on medication. She has been using this for about 1 year now and her high blood pressure is under control. Amazing device!”

Systolic reduction after 3 weeks

“My experience with Zona of the past 10+ years has been very positive. Systolic BP decreased by 10-15 mm after 3 weeks of use. Diastolic BP has never been elevated and I did not appreciate any reduction in it.”

Not bad!

“Just took my blood pressure. Now I know that the Zona Plus is not supposed to give results for a few weeks, but my BP was just below average: 121/82 Not bad! Hope that trend continues.”