Zona Plus Review

Zona Plus review

Why we can no longer recommend the Zona Plus hand grip exerciser 

It has come to our knowledge that there are financial improprieties with company behind the Zona Plus hand grip exerciser. Despite providing a cast-iron guarantee of a refund if the Zona Plus proves to be unsatisfactory, the are an ever growing number of reports claiming severe difficulty in communicating with the company and extracting a refund – if successful at all.

In short, the team behind Zona plus are not honouring their commitments. On that basis we do not recommend purchasing Zona Plus. 

People have also remarked about the excessively high price of this relatively simple device. In one correspondence an official at Zona Plus explained the price being set at “as much as the market would bear”. In other words, the price of Zona Plus does not reflect its actual value, but is based on the maximum they think they can persuade people to pay.

If only on this basis alone , if you are keen to see if hand grip exercises can reduce your blood pressure, we would recommend you purchase the CAMRY Digital Hand Dynamometer for under $50. This hand grip exerciser provides almost the same service but is closer to its actual value.


click here: CAMRY Digital Hand Dynamometer to check out the device featured in the video

Zona Plus hand grip exerciser overview

Over the past couple of years the isometric hand grip measuring device designed to lower blood pressure through use has taken the alternative treatment world by storm. Users have claimed the Zona Plus as a life saver allowing them to normalize and maintain health blood pressure levels without the need for costly pharmaceuticals. Is this all just hype?

Or is there a factual basis for these claims. In this site you will find a wealth of information covering every aspect of Zona Plus – its use and results reported. No stone will be left unturned. We will breakdown the actual reported statistics so you can have an objective and valid assessment of the effectiveness of Zona Plus.

So will Zona plus actually lower your blood pressure without medication? Only if used correctly we are told.

So how do we use the Zona Plus device?

How the Zona Plus works

zona plus calibrationZona Plus works by successfully completing daily sessions. The sessions can be done any time and anywhere provided you have your Zona Plus hand gripping devise with you. Your first step is to turn the devise on. You are first greeted by a welcome screen. It is then ready to calibrate its settings according to your individual strength.

Zona Plus calibration

Calibrate your devise by squeezing with your right hand as hard as you can muster for a mere 2 seconds. Take a short break and then repeat the process with your left hand. If you forget no worries. The colored display guides you through the steps.

Calibrating the devise for your specific needs is an important first step and should not be skipped. The following exercises will be based on this personal calibration. This is why sharing a Zona Plus between more than one person becomes less effective as a technique.

Using a Zona Plus that has been calibrated to the grip strength of someone else will give false readings. Now that your Zona Plus has been set for you and you only, you are ready to start the exercise therapy.

Starting the exercise

Start the exercise by gripping the device and squeezing it at a constant pressure for 2 minutes. Keep an eye on the display and try to keep the pressure indicator centered. It should display the term HOLD if all is well.

If you get out of range the display will notify you. Adjust as necessary.

After 2 minutes of doing this take a break for a minute and then repeat the exercise with the left hand. Like before, take a break after this squeezing session.

A bit later the same day you should repeat both these exercises again – one 2 minute session with right, then left hand.

Although far from physically exhausting, it does take effort to keep the pressure steady and in the correct range – as indicated on the display screen.

Assessing your progress

At the end of this for process session you will receive a score on the display. The score ranges between 1 and 100.

A score of 80+ is considered a pass. Below 80 and you will have to work on it to improve.

You should aim to complete on Zona Plus therapy session once a day for at least 5 days a week. In 6 to 8 weeks you should be able to notice your blood pressure dropping. This of course is a ballpark figure with some people noticing a decrease in blood pressure sooner.

To keep track of how you sessions are going in score quality, you can view your progress. Green sections indicate pass while red sections mean that improvement is needed. These progress overview charts cover anything from the past week right up to 12 weeks progress. This long range overview allows you to see your improvement over time.

Will Zona Plus work for you?

Not everyone will respond to Zona Plus therapy the same. Some people will find fast and dramatic results from daily sessions while others may have to persevere longer to see their blood pressure normalize.

We can only recommend buying a Zona Plus after you have assured yourself that doing isometric exercises do have the desired beneficial effect for you. There are much more cost-effect isometric exercisers to try first (see above).

Also bear in mind that getting a refund for a Zona Plus devise that does not work to your satisfaction has proved to be extremely difficult according to reports.


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  • Marty Hathaway

    I am a consumer. I purchased a zona plus , received it, it did not work for me because of a shoulder injury, I sent it back, unused . According to a very rude Kristina, at zona plus (Saturday, Sept. 14, 2019) zona plus was received and processed in good shape August 20, 2019. Today September 14, 2019 zona plus
    has debited my bank account $49.00 for payment due September 16, 2019, causing a $35.00 overdraft. I had $40.00 in by account at the time. They caused a $35.00 overdraft fee on a payment not due until September 16, on a product that they rec eived almost a month prior to that. Calling them this morning, speaking to Kristina, she was beyond rude and refused to connect me or give me her boss’ name or someone else in authority to speak with. Anyone that reads this should BEWARE of Zona Plus and question their ethics and business practices. Her refusal to assist me and allow me to speak to someone else leaves that business in bad repore. I am not finished exploring different avenues to make this right.